• I know you can already see the last time a user has logged into certain machines. I would love a feature that shows the last time a computer has checked in, and even the possibility to delete machines that haven’t checked in with the server in X days. I manage a LOT of computers, about 1500 with one other person and sometimes between people swapping laptops year to year (education) and the lack of support we have it makes it hard to keep AD and FOG current and updated. If it could delete said computers from AD as well that would be great 😉

  • I can find inactive accounts in AD, that’s simple. I need to find a relatively easy way to compare that to the inventory that FOG outputs. Then I will be able to tell which hosts I need to delete from FOG and/or AD.

    As I said the easiest way would be for FOG to report when the last time hosts checked in which should be rather simple utilizing the FOG client.

  • A non-automated way to identify accounts I use is the free Inactive Computer Accounts tool from Solar Winds: [url]http://www.solarwinds.com/products/solarwinds_free_tools/[/url] . But the obvious limitation is that Solar Winds and AD are not aware of FOG, which means you would still have to manually pull the host records out of FOG.

  • Either way would great . . how would you compare the lists. . .easily?

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    Let’s come at it from a different angle. Since active directory already includes the ability to track the last time a computer checked in, you could use that to generate the list for FOG.