• I was wanting to expand upon the Capone plugin with the ability to read multiple fields (At least two) and then instead of imaging the computer, mount an ISO or Floppy image for the purpose of updating BIOS Versions around my district. The Capone plugin seems awesome, but to only push one image for only one variable, seems limited at least for my situation. I work for a school and we have student and teacher images, all of which are on the same motherboards, which makes sending a single image difficult to do with an particular field. I’m not a php programmer so this task is virtually impossible for me, but I was wondering how difficult it would be to someone who knows what they are doing. I’ve thought of mounting ISO’s at the Fog Menu and then selecting them based on BIOS Versions, but I wanted a more automated process. [SIZE=4][B]Example: If (DMI Field - Baseboard Product Name = VALUE) AND (DMI Field - BIOS Version [/B][/SIZE][SIZE=4][B]≠ NEWEST_VALUE) THEN (Mount ISO/Floppy Image of BIOS Flash).[/B][/SIZE] I appreciate everything you guys do and love the support and community of FOG. Thanks for awesome program and your help!

    Jason Garrison
    Miami Public Schools IET

  • Thank you for the reply! Hopefully it is something that others could find useful and someone will work on it. I appreciate the hard work!

  • Moderator

    This sounds interestingly like wmi filtering for GPOs. This is doable with some work. I’m hoping the next version of FOG is easier to extend. Maybe someone will embark on making this happen