SOLVED PDF Reports not being generated after upgrade to 1.5.0 RC11

  • Upgraded to RC11 from RC10. This went fine. So far everything is working well except for PDF report generation. I am getting 0 bytes files. CSV is working as expected. CentOS 7.4.1708 Fog server. Thanks for a great job.

  • @tom-elliott Should I assume this is an Evince problem because it is not viewable and seek other options or is there something funky with the PDF generated from htmldocs. Do you have a Ubuntu 16.04.3 install to test this. Just wondering if wkhtmltopdf could be used instead. I could investigate this further for you if you like.

  • htmldoc is not installed automatically, this is because it often requires an additional repository, at least in the case of centos, and pdf’s aren’t as robust as the CSV. THe $LOGOIMAGE is for rebranding support, and it’s there so when you do have a picture inplace, it will cover it. If no image is there, it’s kind of a standard layout so it’s printed. No it’s not required.

  • Thanks Tom, I have htmldoc installed now! I would have thought this prerequisite/dependency would have been resolved during the install/upgrade. In any event, now I am producing a PDF file, however it is not readable using Evince version 3.18.2 on my Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS laptop. I can see it using Foxit on a Windows box. I attached what Evince thinks is the PDF version. I was wondering if I am missing anything else. I did notice also that using Foxit, in the upper left-hand corner of the first page that is says: $LOGOIMAGE. I wonder if the branding has to be filled in or something. Thanks again.

  • Does your os have htmldoc installed?