SOLVED Bit of a bugger here. DHCP failing on image capture. Dell Optiplex 9010/9020

  • Hey all, I have a small isolated test environment set up. I am running Win Server 2016 with AD DS, DHCP, DNS. “Testing.local” is my domain. I have run the gammut with this banging my head.

    Here is what I have I have a machine running 16.04.01. Fog server 1.4.4. I have the server running no issue, client deployed to my machines. I was getting ACPI errors but updated kernel arguments with noacpi and that took care of the initial errors. But now I am running into :UDHCPC: starting…doing DORA and failing…
    “No DHCP responses on interface eth0”

    I have the DHCP server pointing to the fog server: Ubuntuserver and fogserver have this IP)
    DHCP server is

    I have made sure resolv.conf points to the DNS server, and I looked at the .fogsettings and made sure IP is right and I DO NOT have fog server running DHCP.

    Maybe I am missing something. Is there a log file I can get somewhere that will tell me why DHCP is failing here. It works fine on the windows side.

    I am perplexed.

  • This can be closed. I switched my switch and this error went away! Different error now but this is gone after HW change.

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    @Tfoote01 Try connecting a small unmanaged switch between the client and your main switch. See if that helps.

  • I hope this helps:
    0_1516201242616_fog error.jpg