SOLVED .fogsettings for additional storage node

  • I am trying to save an image onto a separate storage node I have added. I have set up a NAS. It is mounting on my original FOG server. I get the same permission issue as in this thread:

    I looked at the .fogsettings file and the NAS location is not listed. Is there a way to add this into the file? I want this storage to be in there with the original that is in there because I have images on it and want to use it still.

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    Don’t try to mount it on your FOG server (it won’t work), just configure the Storage Node page with the relevant info of the NAS itself. (ip, FTP username and password, images location) and it should work fine.

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    @datastream Ah freenas. I just looked at that wiki page. Not sure how/why that will work. Maybe I need to set this up to get a proper tutorial (if its even possible with freenas).

    Here is an article with someone doing something similar to what you are doing. There are links in there that may be relevant to you:

  • I was just looking and that shared drive unmounted and is now failing to mount. I am going to figure that piece out. I also have the IP address of the NAS in the configuration. Since it is going to be mounted on my FOG server I am going to change the IP to the FOG IP and see what happens. I also turned tftp and ftp on on the NAS. NFS was already on.

  • I am using FreeNAS. I had used this to set it up.

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    ?? The .fogsettings file is not (really) related to external storage.

    The short answer is you can’t do it that way.

    The bit longer answer is there are a few rules you are breaking.

    1. You can not reshare an nfs mounted share. Meaning if you mount an external NFS device over /images you can not reshare /images out of your fog server, this isn’t allowed. Its an NFS thing not a fog thing. Fog does use the /images share so the target computer can connect to the fog server and retrieve the captured images. \
    2. You can only capture images to a master node in each storage group. So this means if you have 3 fog server (1 master node and 2 storage nodes) you can only capture images to the master node in the storage group. The other 2 storage nodes are in read only mode.

    Now with that said, there is a way to configure things to do what you want as long as you have a commercial NAS or one that support TFTP, NFS, and FTP services.