Resyncing FOG's service account password

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    We have seen (sometimes) the FOG Admin will use/change/modify the linux user fogproject's user account properties and password (note: versions prior to 1.5.6 use fog as account name). This is generally a bad idea to use a service account for normal system maintenance. In fog’s case if someone outside of the FOG installer changes this account your fog installation will become broken.

    Understand this linux user account fogproject (fog if you run 1.5.5 and earlier versions) is not the same as the default WebGUI administrator of the same name (fog). We are discussing resetting fog’s linux service account fogproject.

    You will typically see this error when trying to capture an image to the FOG server. FOG will throw an error like:

    Reattempting to update Database.... Failed


    Message: ftp_login(): Login incorrect., Host: xx.xx.xx.xx, Username: fogproject

    The following is the procedure for resyncing the fog service account. This must be done while logged in using a linux user account other than fogproject

    1. Review the file /opt/fog/.fogsettings (this is a hidden file)
    2. In that file there is a entry called password=
    3. Capture that password. You will need it to reset the FOG server.
      Hint: I can tell you its much easier to do these steps by connecting to your fog server using putty from a windows computer. Copy and paste works great using putty (free terminal program).
    4. Now reset the linux user fogproject's password with sudo passwd fogproject
    5. Now go to the FOG WebGUI and FOG Configuration->FOG Settings->TFTP Server and ensure the password listed in FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD matches the password you collected in step 2.
    6. While still in the FOG WebGUI goto Storage Management->All Storage Nodes select the default or storage node in question.
    7. Ensure that Management Password matches the password you collected in step 2.
    8. Now finally back in the linux console of the fog server, navigate to where your fog installer files are (typ either /root/fogproject or /opt/fogproject) and rerun the fog installer (./bin/ to realign the remaining bits…

    Once these steps have been completed your FOG server should be happy with you again.