• Hi guys great product, i have been using FOG now for about 3 years and i love it i shout its praises all of the time, however do you not think it would be good to give users the ability to create a USB stick / images onto that can then be restore by no technical people in the field, I have done some work with Systemrestorecd with custom scripts and i can boot off a USB stick with the images on it using a really simple text menu the user has the option to prep the disk ie put a partition table on the disk so an image can be restore or just restore and image at the end it shuts down job done, problem i am starting to have is where the images are over 4Gb due to memory sticks being FAT32, dvd’s are even more of a problem, rather than having to go and spend time creating these myself as i bet other are, could they not form part of the bas product and how if the image is bgger than 4.7 Gb split it so it can be restore via multiple DVD’s etc. only a thought.

  • My company is looking into products like Dell/Kace and IBMs solution and they have these type of features for a nice fee if you want. If you arent using Fog over the network and only in a standalone environment like we are currently I know your dilemma.

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    /walloftext hits you for 40,000,000,000 damage, you are dead.

    FOG lets us move away from carrying usb/floppy/cd/dvd’s around to do imaging. FOG allows us to maintain the image repository and pull from that across the network without having to have anything other than a functioning PXE boot stack and DHCP configured.

    I think you might want to look into other computer cloning solutions if that is what you like.