SOLVED refind.conf for Osx + bootcamp (hint)

  • To boot Mac with OSx and windows bootcamp, you have to select REFIND_EFI in Exit to Hard Drive Type(EFI) menu of FOG PXE Boot Menu Configuration.
    Then modify /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe/refind.conf parameters:

    timeout 5
    scanfor internal,hdbios,external,biosexternal
    scan_delay 5

    Hope this helps someone!

  • I confirm it is solved.

    timeout is -1, so it boot the first os if no esc key is pressed.

  • Moderator

    @tom-elliott I agree that is a good choice for the default configuration. I was going to mention this but I got side tracked this AM with a simple task that went sideways for a bit. I think these values for refind will help others for sure.

    @Enrico thank you for the excellent feed back here.

  • Working branch has the suggested change by adding scan_delay 5 and scan_for with internal,hdbios as the options listing. Maybe this will work for you and others?

  • Those settings fit more situations, I think (but I can’t assure that) but you can tune them.

    scanfor selects where it is going to search for boot loaders. In my case, “internal” does not find bootcamp boot loader, so I add “hdbios”.

    scandelay 5 is needed because the default 0 is too quick to permit the bootcamp become available.

    timeout 5 is needed because the default -1 goes straightforward to boot the default loader and does not show the two os options. So, this one is needed if you have a multiboot system only.

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    Just for clarity, do I understand that the FOG default setting is not correct? Or does this additional setting timeout 5 need to be added to the FOG default settings?