Dell Latitude 7480 - Cannot Find Disk on System

  • I have a brand new Fog 1.4.4 installation on CentOS 7 running on vmware. I am trying to quick register a Dell Latitude 7480. I get the error Cannot Find Disk on System. I updated the kernel to 4.13.4 x86_64. Secure Boot is disabled. Enable Legacy Option ROMs is checked and Enable Attempt Legacy Boot. I also see the error creating epol fd: Function not implemented.
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    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    @geardog said in Dell Latitude 7480 - Cannot Find Disk on System:


    This is a totally different hardware. Although what you see seems similar it could be something very different causing the issue in your case. Pleas open a new thread and post all your details, like FOG version, UEFI/legacy BIOS.

    As well I’d suggest upgrading the firmware on the machine(s).

  • I’m on an XPS8920 with the same issue, more or less.

    I thought I’d add that when I do the switch from RAID (for intel RST) to the AHCI to find the HDD, my box flips out. I cant get into bios until I’ve failed to boot 3 times, then I get a splash screen where I get and advanced option for bios repair/re-entry allowing me to fix my mistake. All that seems to be skating pretty close to crashing a box.

  • @tlamb Try turning on mdraid kernel argument, as seen here in one of @george1421’s posts:

  • Okay, thank you. I appreciate your response. I am new to Linux and trying to get this set up correctly. 🙂

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    The root of the issue here is having raid-on, uefi mode enabled, and linux (FOS engine, actually any flavor of linux). They are not compatible. This is a documented issue that is years old. You can capture and deploy with FOG in achi mode, then switch back to raid-on for windows. Its a pain, but that is the best we can do until intel and linux get a long in raid mode.

  • So, I changed SATA Operation in BIOS from RAID On to AHCI and was able to get the Laptop registered.