SOLVED Group deploy single snapin

  • As of version 0.32, you can only deploy all snapins to a group of PCs.
    I’d like to be able to deploy one snapin to all PCs in a group.
    Example: Systems are all working fine, professor says labs need new piece of software for a class, I create a snapin for the software and want to push it out to labs via FOG.

  • Adam

    There is way to do this. I found the answer on this very forum. You essentially modify the PHP code to include the link to the “deploy single snapin” found in the host section. I forget the exact file to modify, but search in this forum, you will find it…

  • Here are the scripts I’ve been working on. extract this and move the bin/ directory to the root of your fog directory. You’ll have to set the DOCUMENT_ROOT variable to your apache DOCROOT, but it will let you query snapins, groups, hosts, add a snapin by host or group, and remove a queued snapin.


  • I’ve written some CLI scripts to do this with 0.32. I wanted to be able to schedule repeated tasks. shutdown mostly. When I’m done I’ll clean them up and post the CLI stuff

  • If there is a way to do it, I’m not aware of it.
    Can anyone confirm this is possible? If so please leave instructions.

  • you used to be able to do this I’m sure, can’t you do it now?

    used to have that exact same issue, or similar need to deploy X update to dodgy software to Finance Department and cbf walking around to 40 PC’s - deploy snapin the Finance Group kick back, sip coffee ala win