Boot to black screen with flashing cursor.............

  • What was working without any config or hardware changes has failed. When my computers boot (over 360) they boot to fog menu. Time out then try to boot to windows. That is when I get a blank screen with flashing cursor in top corner. All worked perfect last week.

    I have tried reimaging the computers. They take the image ok. On reboot they go to same blank screen

    Read where it could be a corrupt MBR. Looked at that and don’t think that to be the issue.

    I updated the bios on the pc (dell 390). No luck

    I updated the kernel o. The fog server to 3.3.3. No change

    If I remove the 66 and 67 options from DHCP then the clients will try to tftp boot the time out and boot into windows and finish the process of adding to the domain etc. This is why I don’t believe it to be a MBR error.

    I have worked on this for two days straight and with school starting in three days I need to get all these computers imaged and back online ASAP.

    Anyone out there have any ideas.

    Notes of interest. We were using a multi site fog system with tftp boot capabilities at the remote end. To trouble shoot I changed the tftp boot back to the central office main server. Still get the same issues.

  • After more troubleshooting…problem still not resolved but do notice something.

    Issues is with Dell Optiplex 390

    Tried on Dell Optiplex 780 it boots fine…


    Something is causing it to not exit the pxe boot.

    I noticed on the 780 that once the pxe boot screen exits I see a screen that says something like…

    Booting from local disk
    Exiting pxe

    I do not get that prompt or screen on the 390…imediately get the blinking cursor?

  • If I may ask how did you setup your multi site? I am looking to have the main Fog server send the command but have the local node push the images and snap-ins.