Deploy image to one partition (c:) end keep intact the other (d:)

  • i want to image only the first partition of my HDD which would be my system drive 😄 i have tried all the options size partition(resizable),multiple partition single disk etc but every time i deploy the image data in the d: is also lost. how can i deploy images so that only my system drive 😄 re-written and i keep my data intact on d: as it is. any ideas ??

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    Someone has posted on these forums the code modifications necessary to implement this in FOG. Requires changing some code so it prompts you which partitions you want to restore.


    It’s written to work with FOG 0.30, but might work with FOG 0.32 with some slight modifications.

  • P.S. I’ll try your method and post some results tomorrow or the day after

  • Is this workaround working? I’m searching all over the internet for the answer and I’m not finding it. My case is as follows: I prepared a Windows 7 Master image with SAD2 tool for installing drivers. Created a multipartition image (single disk) and deployed it on a computer with some hard drive on it with no sensitive information in it – everything is ok, image gets deployed and working fine, just had to manually format the rest of the hard drive which was unallocated. But I really want to image/reinstall computer and leaving its second partition (drive D ) intact.

  • Thank you for answer! I will try this way.

  • This requires the disk geometry to be identical on all machines you’re deploying to…

    Collect a multiple partition image, go into /images/<image name>/, delete the d: partition (d1p2 for XP, d1p3 for Vista/7).

    When you go to deploy the image it might complain that it can’t find the last partition, but I’m pretty sure it’ll complete the task just fine.