• Hi All,

    As the data moves between the “Stroge” node and the client, there seems little point in using a SSD instead of a normal hard disk as regards speed.

    However, I was thinking of using a small, 60 GB SSD purely because it’s small and won’t take a drive bay.

    Out of curiosity, am I correct? The imaging process will be no faster.


  • it’s all about network througput and storage fastness comparing to the network speed 😉
    would be interesting to see the deployment speed with a native 10gbit lan and ssd raid for storage 😛 …and sure the client should have ssd too.

    But i can tell you 1gbit lan and hdd in the storage node can easily deploy a 16gb image within 2 minutes to a system with ssd 😉 i see it daily happen again and again hehe

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    @julianh A SSD for only the OS will not add much value making FOG go fast. The critical data path is from /images -> nfs -> network -> target computer.

  • Hi all,

    I don’t think I was clear. Sorry.

    I’m going to have a seperate SSD Raid array for the images. but I was going to use a SSD as the OS drive, for no other reason than it’s not going to use a drive bay. I was just curios if it would make FOG run faster.


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    I started doing some benchmarking on making fog go faster here: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/10459/can-you-make-fog-imaging-go-fast
    Warning: that post has a ton of data in it as I tried to document each step

    I ran out of extra time to work on it consistently. There are benchmarking numbers in there. If you have a single hdd disk in your fog server AND you are trying to deploy multiple unicast images to different computers at the same time a ssd in the fog server will help quite a bit.

    For fog to go really fast you need 4 things.

    1. Fast disk subsystem in fog server (helps greatly when sending out multiple simultaneous images at the same time)
    2. Fast network infrastructure
    3. Fast NFS configuration
    4. Fast target computer
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    Clients are usually the bottleneck, an SSD and faster CPU there helps a ton.

    I don’t think an SSD on the FOG server will make a huge difference for top speed (depending on the state of the hard drive), but it may increase concurrency.

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    @Julianh Quite often disk IO is a bottle neck. Therefore I suppose imaging will be faster on the SSD drive.