• Server
    • FOG Version: 1.4.0
    • OS: Ubuntu 17.04
    • Service Version: 11.12
    • OS: Windows 10 64-bit

    What’s the best approach to upgrade FOG 1.4.0 to 1.4.4? Setup is 1 management server and 3 storage nodes, all currently running 1.4.0.

    Is it best to backup configuration files and just run installfog.sh or is there a better way to just update fog rather than re-install with the latest version?

  • @george1421 Yes, upgrade successful. Please feel free to mark it as solved.

  • Moderator

    @gnevills So you have success now? If so can we solve this?

    I can tell you the git method is much easier to install and for upgrading FOG. But your method will work too, it just takes more steps.

  • thanks @george1421 I downloaded the FOG installer from Sourceforge & ran installfog.sh, starting with the Master node. I guess all the warnings (specifically “not recommended that you install this on a production system”) the installfog.sh script presents had me second guessing that this was the best way to update FOG, but it all seemed to work just fine.

    When I went to actually proceed with the install script I also noticed it does say “Version 1.4.4 Installer/Updater.”, so that should have been a clue 😉

  • Moderator

    The process would be to update the Master node first (because the database is hosted on the master node) then all storage nodes. All FOG servers within the same cluster (bad use of the word) must be running the same release of FOG.

    If you have the git repository local (i.e. /root/fogproject or /opt/fogproject) just change to that directory and issue the following command.

    sudo git pull

    then change to the bin directory (i.e. /root/fogproject/bin) and run the installer.

    sudo ./installfog.sh

    It will ask you a few question, just take the default and FOG will be updated. When the installer is 1.2 done it will ask you to open a url and update the schema, then return to the fog installer.