Host Printer List Refresh On Update

  • In FOG 1.5.0 RC 2, the printer list disappears after you add a printer to a host. It would be awesome to have the printers that are attached to the host be displayed after the update key is pressed.

    This would also be nice to be seen when you change the FOG to Printer relationship on the host.

    I’m enjoying the new look!! 🙂




  • @Tom-Elliott

    No problem. Yes it does prompt to update. Thanks!!

  • @Joe-Gill I’m aware of that part, because i’m using ajax. It does prompt you telling you it updated though?

    I want to get it to automate, but that may take a little more time.

  • @Tom-Elliott

    I don’t know what I saw there. I checked it again and saw exactly what you have posted… If I come across it again, I’ll screen shot it and post it.

    I did double check the printer add issue I have posted and it does not update to show the printers that you have added. Update appears but the list never changes. To get the printers to update you have to completely refresh that host. In other words, click off of the host menu onto something else and then go back into the host you just updated.


  • @Tom-Elliott

    I’m using Google Chrome.

    Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    I’ll post a screen shot in a few minutes when I do another imaging task.

  • What browser?

    Here’s what I see when I create a basic task:


  • @Tom-Elliott

    I noticed that any time you click update on any of the interfaces (IE setting up an imaging job (basic tasks), printers, ect) it does not refresh your screen as it did in previous versions of FOG.

    For example, I created an imaging task for one machine using basic imaging. Clicked on capture, clicked on update, and the screen stayed the same. It never appeared that it had done any updating at all. I had to navigate to tasks to see that it had started.