SOLVED Printer Snapin Does Not Update

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.4.4
    • OS: Debian 8.8
    • Service Version: 0.11.12
    • OS: Win 7 SP 1


    Our district recently replaced all of the printers (new manufacturer). I updated the driver file and printer model on the server for every printer and left alias’s and IP’s the same. All of our hosts are set to Managed Printers in FOG.

    I checked one of the host machines and it is updating properly from FOG. The FOG client, however, doesn’t recognize that their has been any change in the printer file and is not updating our clients. Is their a way to force all printers to update?



    Joe Gill
    Townsend K-12 Schools

  • @Wayne-Workman

    So after much frustration, here is what I came up with!!

    Set FOG to Only Assigned Printers…
    Delete all current printers…
    Set FOG to FOG Managed Printers…
    Re-Add Printers…
    Reboot PC.
    Voila! The new driver is added and you’re good to go!!!

    So FOG CAN do it. 🙂

    For the amount of headache I just spent on trying to figure out GPO to enable scripting. Testing script and getting everything to work… The above is much simpler…

    For what it’s worth… I did find a link to your script. You had given it to me once before also. LOL!


  • I’ll try that and report back! That may be easiest. I know their are a few utilities out there that can manage printers but I like the all in one. I also like being able to use FOG for everything. 🙂

    If I find your old post I’ll post a link to it here. Otherwise, I’ll post what I find out.


  • Printers are just tough in fog. It can be done, but it’s tough (Group policy for printers is equally tough so maybe printers themselves are just tough). What I recommend is using a snapin to remove all the current IP based printers (I posted a powershell script once that does it somewhere), the fog client will see that the printers are gone and it needs to remake them.