• Made some changes to my snapin deployment process and was trying to delete old snapins out from the GUI, but it didn’t. I get the message where it says that the Group Information Updated at the top, but in the webGUI it’s still showing. The only way I was able to get it out initially was to go in and blow away all my snapins. I did it by doing…

    truncate snapinGroupAssoc;
    truncate snapinAssoc;
    truncate snapinJobs;
    truncate snapinTasks;
    truncate snapins;

    I know this is WAAAAAAAAAAY overkill, but it was the only way that I could wipe it away. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • @Tom-Elliott
    I wasn’t aware that snapins automatically showed under the groups… If that’s the case then it kinda threw me for a loop. Now to recover from my own little screw up… oh well lesson learned… don’t be a dummy 🙂

  • Senior Developer

    what do you mean autoadd snapins to groups?

    Groups can see all snapins automatically. We don’t have a means to know what snapins are associated to all hosts in the group, so snapins for groups show all snapins. It does not mean snapins are associated to al hosts in the group.

  • Update:
    I’ve created a couple of new groups just to test and it’s automatically adding the snapin that I have on the server to each new group that I create. It’s also adding any new snapins that I create to a group automatically.

    I went ahead and restored one of my old database dumps from when I upgraded to FOG 1.4.4. Oh well… looks like I lost a few things as in the hosts that I had registered after the fact. Dang it… Still has the autoadd snapins to groups