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  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.4.4
    • OS: Kubuntu
    • Service Version: Smart Installer
    • OS: Windows 10


    I have recently been imaging a large number of computers the past few days and have started to notice that half of the FOG Clients are reporting back as “success” and the other half are stating “No such devices or address” when checking the hosts module in FOG. It doesn’t seem to be an issues considering I am able to Ghost the machine, reboot, and preform all normal tasks. So it hasn’t been affecting me in any way but they are not reportingcorrectly. I just wanted to know if there was a way to fix this? Or if I should be concerned at all? Thanks!

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    @msaglioc99 To test, open a linux command prompt on your FOG server. Key in ping <host_name> to test.

    The dns server settings are in /etc/resolv.conf file. If you are using the Network Manager application to manage network profiles then you would edit it there.

    But in my case this is what my resolv.conf file might look like.


  • @george1421 How would I check this setting on the FOG Server? Where can I check if my DNS Resolver is pointing to my AD Server.

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    @msaglioc99 FOG references the devices by name. You need to ensure name resolution is working correctly on your fog server. Typically that is done by pointing its dns resolver to your AD DNS server. That way the names always resolve to an ip address.

  • Ping the host by IP?
    Sometimes they say connected and sometimes they aren’t it dosen’t affect me in any way I can still deploy tasks etc I was just wondering why they are doing this.

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    @msaglioc99 Sorry for the delay, our internet went out in my office. Ugh.

    What this typically is, is that the fog server can’t translate the name defined (i.e. adsv-abeltre10) to an IP address to ping.

    Open a linux console and see if you can ping the hosts that are out by name?

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    @msaglioc99 I was just messing with you, but we don’t want to get into any trademark disputes either.

    [FOG != Ghost] or even better [FOG > Ghost]…

    Back on point where are you seeing this “no such device or address” A screen shot here would speak volumes.

  • Fog is technically a form of “ghosting” lol

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    @msaglioc99 said in No such device or address:

    Ghost the machine

    I think you are posting to the wrong forum, my friend.