• Hi,
    This one probably isnt too high on anyones agenda as they most likely delete them from FOG, but for those of us that have to retain audit trails, its helpful.

    It would be useful to have the option of marking a computer as disposed of/recycled.
    Make their entry read-only.

    Save date/time they were archived - also allow this to be specified when archiving as some may have kept their old information in fog but have already disposed of the equipment.

    Archive them so that their PC name can be reused and they don’t appear in the searches/reports unless ‘search archive’ is ticked or something similar.

    Would help to retain a log of previously owned PCs without it cluttering up the FOG GUI/reports.


  • Senior Developer

    You could write a plugin that could do this for you. Something like an “archive” plugin that moves hosts out of the “main” element and into your “new” element.

    I realize writing a plugin can be hard, but I don’t think this is something that should be a part of the “core” of fog.