Fog 1.3.5 - Isolated Setup on Fedora 25

  • Hi guys,

    Here’s a quick guide I followed through after several initial attempts to get Fog working on Fedora

    Install Fedora 25 (Use partition video below)
    Install Updates
    Create Network Profile for Local DHCP
    Troubleshooting after install *Mostly firewall issues
    *Disable Firewall it won’t boot to tftpd
    Fedora 20/21/22/23
    Disable/stop Firewall
    systemctl disable firewalld.service
    systemctl stop firewalld.service
    Can be undone with “start” and “enable”.
    Check Firewall in Fedora 20/21/22/23
    systemctl status firewalld.service
    *Disable SElinux very important or you’ll get PXE - T00 Permission Denied msg
    su -
    sudo gedit /etc/selinux/config
    There’s a field saying SELinux=Enforcing
    change it to disabled
    launch terminal and run getenforce, it should say disabled
    Prep up Install
    Download from Github, unpack folder and drop into Downloads folder
    cd to Downloads
    cd to fogproject-1.3.5
    cd to bin
    sudo /
    It will check install and ask questions
    (Isolated Setup)
    Choice - 1 (Fedora)
    What type of Setup?
    IP Address -
    Would you like to use a default network adapter?Yes
    I typed in - eno1
    Would you like to setup router address for the DHCP server - No
    Would you like DHCP to handle DNS? - No
    Would you like to use Fog server for DHCP Service - Yes
    Other languages - No
    Are you sure you wish to continue? - Yes
    Is the MySQL password blank - Yes
    It will ask to goto
    Make sure to change network profile to the
    Open browser and type in web address, hit update
    Once it finishes go back to terminal hit Enter
    It will apply final changes, and your set
    Your Set 🙂
    Notes -
    Do not export or import database, messed up a really good image doing this, everything showed up except when you click on hosts tab icon it won’t launch
    Do not name your username fog, instead call it something else had to reinstall as I couldn’t login after install
    Works flawlessly with Fedora over Ubuntu, used Ubuntu on 14.04 with older Fog build, this new version is way quicker and better thanks Tom and Fog team 🙂

  • Thanks Wayne,

    I had to do a new fog setup this morning, I did it with the new version with the recommended steps you provided and everything worked out well.

    I’ll submit a new post with the new title, thanks again 🙂

  • Thanks for the tutorial - we need more people writing documentation. I would suggest configuring firewalld instead of disabling, and setting SELinux to permissive instead of disabling. Also, good to see people using Fedora. 🙂