UNSOLVED Windows 10 system reserved partition after imaging 230 GiB

  • Server
    • FOG Version: 1.3.5
    • OS: Windows 10 Pro

    Hello Guys,

    I imaged a Windows 10 Pro with a 250 GiB SSD with FOG (Single Disk - Resizeable)
    After it finished, I tested the image on a notebook (same modell) with a 500 GiB HDD.
    After the deployment i had to use the windows repairtools.
    I had to use the command : bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd to fix the problem.

    Later I looked on the partitions an saw ,that the system reserved partition increased to 230 GiB.
    Are there any settings on the FOG-Server I could check?

    Best regards

  • the recovery/reserved partitions are automatically detected and should be set in the “fixed” partition list. Chances are, it would seem, that this didn’t get set for some reason? It looks at the label’s that windows typically defines. If the recovery/reserved was setup as a custom partition, most likely the label didn’t get applied as would happen in a “default” scenario?

    You should be able to correct this behaviour by adding the partition number to the fixed partition file. For windows 10, I believe the partition number used for recovery|reserved is number 3.

    Resizable partitions use the filesystem volume to determine if it’s viable for resize. Windows reserved/recovery from at least windows 7 on typically has this as an NTFS partition.