NetBoot problem, new mac..!

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    @Warget said in NetBoot problem, new mac..!:

    When I boot on my new mac (model : Z0SC)

    When you say this, is this the first model of its type you are trying to pxe boot?

    Does this model have 2 network adapters installed, like a wireless and a ethernet?

    My initial reaction is this device / condition is related to spanning tree not turning forwarding data in time. This usually happens when standard spanning tree is used. Using a fast spanning tree protocol (RSTP, FastSTP, and others usually take care of the issue). A quick test is to place an unmanaged switch between the target computer and the building switch and test again. If the target picks up the link then we found the issue.

    I don’t think that is the issue in your case. This message is saying the link is down, like ipxe is picking the wrong interface to look at.

  • No body have a solution :’( ?

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